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What's on your mind ya akhi ​​read a title like this. So what was your reaction ukhti ya?
  Muslim women of course very desirable option by all the womenfolk who have strong religious. O my brother being a Muslim is not an option but it is our duty as a creature created to worship and obey what is commanded by the owner of our souls.
  Here are some tips that could help you especially ukhti to be a Muslim woman who is a figure of guidance from Allah that I quoted from Azzahra.
  For those who do not have husbands Female, should you continue to explore the potential to improve quality. The guidance of the Prophet to be a woman's choice:
  1. obey
A girl who usually obey their parents, will be easy to submit to your husband when married.
2. tasty Seen

Not necessarily pretty, by optimizing the potentials of a woman to make her husband happy.
3. Love and Surrender
  A man would expect to get a wife who is capable of loving heart and let go. Women who act and behave in always trying to please her husband dam away from the things that come his hatred.
4. likes to help
Women shalihah is always inviting him on the good faith and the world. Instead of damning, but it reminds husbands to always apply obey Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'aala, and provides advice and opinions for the betterment of her husband.
Although we did not get a pair when in the world, but if we are experts worship God willing, will get a pair as in the Hereafter. Aamiin

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