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Understanding Allah Angels

Angels are forces obedient, submissive and obedient to the commands of Allah and provisions. Malak angel comes from the Arabic word which means strength. In the religion of Islam there are 10 angels we must know from the many angels that exist in the world and hereafter we do not know which among others:
1. Angel Gabriel who delivered God's revelation to prophets and apostles.
2. The angel Michael in charge gives fortune / fortune in humans.
3. The angel Israfil who have responsibility trumpet blowing trumpet at Judgment Day.
4. The angel Azrael responsible for taking lives.
5. Angels Munkar in charge of asking and examining the human deeds in the grave.

6. Nakir angel in charge of asking and examining the human deeds in the grave with angels Munkar.
7. Angels Raqib / Rokib who has the responsibility to record all the good deeds of man when alive.
8. Angels Atid / Atit who has the responsibility to record all deeds bad / evil man when alive.
9. Malik angel whose task is to keep the doors of hell.
10. Angel Ridwan authorities to keep the doors of heaven / paradise.
B. Angels We Want To Meet
To be sure all the men want to meet with the angel Azrael that we take life gently without pain, and evil angels nakir with a good appearance, gentle in interrogating us, angels Rakib who have a record of good deeds we are thick, the only angel Atid we have a few bad notes and angels mercy are invited to enter into heaven is eternal and everlasting.
If you want to be like that, I'm sure you know what you should do in the world.
C. Angel Basic Attributes of Allah:
1. Must always be obedient to all the commandments of God and always do what Allah prohibited.
2. Not arrogant, has no appetite and always exalt.
3. Can be transformed and transformed into what he wants.
4. Begging forgiveness for those who believe.
5. Participate happy when someone gets Lailatul Qadar.
D. To the angel of God Faith
Faith in the Angels are convinced and confirmed that the angel was there, created by Allah from light / nur.
The function of faith in the angels of God:
1. Always do a good deed and feel unclean and anti commit bad deeds because he is always supervised by an angel.
2. Attempting to get into heaven are guarded by the angel Ridwan with fear and believe in Allah SWT and vying for Lailatul qodar.
3. Improve sincerity, faith and discipline us to follow / emulate nature and deeds of angels.
4. Always thinking and careful in carrying out any action because each good deed is good or bad will be accounted for in the Hereafter.
E. Differences Angel with Jinn, Satan / Satanic and Devil
Angel made of light or nur while jinn from fire or true. Angels are always submissive and obedient to God while there is a Muslim jinn and there are infidels. That heathen is satan and demons that will continue until the Day of Resurrection menggona man to accompany them in hell.
Angels do not have the passion that belongs as jinn. Jin evil will always continue to oppose and run what is forbidden by God Almighty. Angels are creatures of good and will not harm humans for doing good, while satan and iblik will always harm human until the end of the day.

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