Rabu, 05 Desember 2012

The Food Pyramid

At the ecosystem steady, the number of largerproducers than consumersWhen broken downfurther lebh larger than the number of manufacturers of consumer I, the consumer is greater than the consumer I IIIII consumer is greater than consumer II and so onIf these circumstances we have described will form afood pyramidThe food pyramid tigkatanorganization of living things based on therelationship eat eat.
Each group of organisms on the pyramids ateoccupy a certain level called trophic levels.Manufacturers always menenpati trophic I, IIprimary consumer trophic occupyoccupysecondary consumer trophic III, and so on. The lower trofiknyathe greater the energy contentor biomasanya.
Pyramid food pyramid called the number and it is one type of ecological pyramidMnurutfunctionecological pyramid is divided into several types, namely
1. pyramid amount
2. pyramid of biomass
3. pyramid energy

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