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1. What does the name "Doraemon"?
Doraemon name actually coined from two words: Dora & Emon. Dora is kind of a play on "Nora" which comes from "Nora-Neko" that stray cat.
Emon is a traditional sort of postscript to the name of the man or animal that male gender, for example, Ishikawa Goemon.
Literally, the name can mean Doraemon "Stray male cat" (male feral cats)
Dora could also mean "gong" (this is the "dora" in use in the name of the cake dorayaki) ... Although not the "dora" in use in the name of Doraemon ... but this is a kind of play, where the body Doraemon is a round-round like a gong.

2. How to write "Doraemon" in Japanese characters?
Doraemon name is written as a combination of letters katakana and hiragana. Katakana letters to Dora (ドラ) and hiragana letters (えもん) for Emon
In short, it would ドラえもん

3. What is a production code of Doraemon?
Ya! Doraemon has a production code turns out, the MS-903. This is the original name of Doraemon as the robot, and the name he is called by the owner of the factory where it was manufactured robot.
This name is mentioned in the episode of Doraemon's birthday in 2007

4. When date of birth of Doraemon?
3 September 2112 is the date in which Doraemon finished manufactured

5. What is the magic number of Doraemon?
Doraemon weighs 129.3 kg (285 lbs) and height 129.3 cm (4'3 "). He can run up to 129.3 km / h (80.3 mph) when scared and jump 129.3 cm (424 , 2 feet) when in danger. maximum power of 129.3 bhp. wrist circumference 129.3 mm. circumference of the head and rim da and ya is 129.3 cm. legs diameter of 129.3 mm. was manufactured on September 3, 2112 (again again 12/9/3), at Robot Factory Matsushiba.
This image 2 of technical data Doraemon with a magic number of 1293 are:
(Pictured below)

7. Who Doraemon-century ex-girlfriend 22?
Noramyako. He mentioned Bonus Data-Data Tankoubon Doraemon in volume 11. Noramyako gara2 Doraemon Doraemon decided it was too short for him (after breaking his ear bitten by rats)

8. What color is the original Doraemon? ygpasti not blue ...
Doraemon's original paint color was yellow. After knowing that his ear bitten by rats, he was in a depression, sneak into the tower, where he drank a potion labeled "sadness". As he wept, the yellow color faded and his voice changed due to the herb page.
According to personal ane, jangan2 maker anime Doraemon good at English, gan, as understood English term "In Blue" ygartinya "sdg sad"

9. Is Doraemon is a robot cat that perfect?
No. Nay, Doraemon is a sub-standard product aka "robot obsolete" because a lot of spare parts ygtidak function properly. For example, radar whiskers and cat call bell.

10. Is Doraemon school? If so, what is the name of the school?
Yes. According to the spin-off series of Doraemon "The Doraemons", the name of the school is simple Doraemon, the robot School (ロボット 学校, Robotto Gakko)

11. How Doraemon achievement in school?
Doraemon robot did poorly in school and during the presentation of the final, he performed poorly and was no ygmau hire him ... (Sorry for ya), until the baby Sewaishi (Nobita's great-grandson) pressed the button. His parents were a bit reluctant, but since Sewashi like it, they hired Doraemon, and he take care of himself until Sewaishi sent him to the past to take care of Nobita (and here's where the adventure we shared favorite character Nobita begins ...)

12. How many tools on the Doraemon bag today?
Approximately 4500 devices (Dogu) has been removed from the pocket Doraemon from the first episode to date, including the popular ygpaling Doko Demo Prayer (Anywhere Door), Take-copter (Baling2 Bamboo), Kuukihou (Cannon Air Rifle) & Time Machine (Time Machine)

13. How to turn on and extinguish Doraemon?
Buttons turn on / off switch Doraemon is a small round ball shaped tail ygmenjadi

14. Doraemon hand round so, I can hold the goods?
Hand Doraemon has adhesive strength & power vacuum ygluar ordinary that can be attached to any object in his hand [of Doraemon no Himitsu, in Doraemon volume 11] Technology ygdigunakan at hand is similar to the force of gravity on a mini scale.

15. Prominent "Teacher" has often appeared in Doraemon, who's that his real name?
Teacher figures ygsebenarnya also very concerned about Nobita (Nobita males2an but basic Si wrote, so yeah ...) This is true from the beginning did not have a name and simply called Sensei (先生) wrote. However, the version ygdiputar on Nihon Television, he was given the name "Ganari" (我 成)
16. Still remember the Uncle ygsuka giving new year red pocket Nobita? What's his name? What perkerjaannya?
His name is Nobirou Nobi, sister of the father Nobita Nobisuke. He is an athlete who successfully

17. What is the name Nobita's parents in the American version?
Father: Marvim Nobi & Mother: Rukia Nobi

18. Why Doraemon and Dorami said to be brother and sister?
It became an interesting mystery ... why Doraemon and Dorami called brothers?
Apparently, because they were both "born" from the oil tank of the same ... and "Doraemon" first born of Dorami (2 years old), so he called a "big brother", then Dorami also hired by the family Sewashi after Doraemon, so he called a "sister."

19. Who is more "great"? Dorami or Doraemon? What is the evidence?
According to the data, Dorami greater than Doraemon ... Dorami able to produce energy for 10 000 horsepower, please compare with Doraemon which can only issue at 129.3 horsepower (figure hokinya Doraemon nih)

20. Why Dorami better than Doraemon, brother?
There's something funny about this ... where scientists are making Doraemon and Dorami said that the oil used to make the robot type "brothers", one layer will become stagnant and sinking to the bottom. Bottom layer will produce quality robot cat better.
This fact explains that the most likely Dorami a better robot than Doraemon since Dorami created after Doraemon (about 2 years later), or simply ... Doraemon is made with a layer of oil on and Dorami made with a bottom layer of oil, which is better quality, even though they were born out of one tank of oil

21. How Dorami appeared in Nobita family? Who is the owner of Dorami?
Dorami was not immediately appear in the family Nobita, but in the family Nobita's great-great-great-grandson in the 22 century Sewashi. Dorami purchased to replace Doraemon, Nobita sent to accompany. That has Dorami is Sewashi and sending Dorami (and Doraemon) also Sewashi. Dorami usually sent to replace the task of keeping Doraemon Doraemon Nobita was in an important matter that he could not accompany Nobita, for example, when he should be tuned up at the factory.

22. How Doraemon pee?
Digestive system Doraemon although such machines, but able to process any material (organic and no organic) to form a type of power source without any oil residue.
So, though she never explained, but I think Doraemon never berekskresi (waste water), because the existing oil entirely converted into energy to drive Doraemon

23. Who's father - Mother Sizuka? Why did Sizuka rarely seen?
Mother Shizuka = ​​sorry, to date, mother Shizuka have no name
Father Yoshio Minamoto Shizuka =
He is very often seen in Episode Special Night Before the Wedding Shizuka and Nobita
Mrs. and Mrs. Giant Suneo well until now has not "given name"
Mr. and Mrs. Dekisugi's never looked ... why ... yes because the main character is Nobita and Doraemon, not Dekisugi

24. Who Designers Doraemon?
Well ... Now let us examine an interesting question: Whose maker Dorami Doraemon and the truth?
The cause of the conflict is the circulation of "ending" which states that Doraemon Doraemon malfunctioning, where Nobita motivated to study hard, marry Shizuka, and ended up being powerful scientist. In the version of this ending, Doraemon creator is none other than the Nobita. This is the ending of a "very reasonable" and "complete the circle ring epics and myths between friendship Doraemon and Nobita, a fraternal relations which already exceeds the bond between humans and robots, and even exceed sibling"
But unfortunately ... Doraemon fact never, or do not have endings.
The story of "ending" where Doraemon Nobita created above is merely "doujinshi" (a kind of manga fanfiction alias type is not published by the original manufacturer) that the concept was originally developed by Nobuo Sato later published by Tajima T Yasue in 2005
Nahhh ... then, true that the creator of Doraemon and Dorami never appeared in the movie?
The answer: never. And he just dubbed as "The Scientist" (the scientist) making it figures "have an open opportunity in the telling, true identity of who actually" Well ... a definite possibility is very small Nobita, Doraemon is created because in the Sewashi (great-great-great-great-cicittttnya Nobita) where Nobita would have been late
Here is the "appearance" of The Scientist:

25. Why Doraemon "should be" afraid of mice?
Doraemon was afraid of mice because of trauma digerigiti robot because the robot mouse ears also when he naps.
Why "must" afraid of mice? The answer may be somewhat inferior and totally NOT facts, just opinions ane: yes because Fujiko Fujio wants so.
Was I joking? No, seriously! Fujiko Fujio famous for their high imagination even in their karya2 than Doraemon. They love to create fresh humor unsur2 never even mentioned at that time. Think of them it was JK Rowling Japan in ancient times.
With the premise that ... I was just guessing that the duo Fujiko Fujio know that by creating reversed hunting (rat scare cats, dogs scare cats, ghosts scare people) as a running gag in Doraemon ... it will add a steady element of comedy in this series, as well as heighten the impression that Doraemon is a robot that "adorable" and not harmful to humans because it anyway .... just afraid of mice, their natural prey

26. Dorayaki cake was what the heck?
Let's surgery with the "content" of dorayaki [ドラ 焼き] this. Pie-shaped "dora" (gong) This is surely one of the typical Japanese snack that has been known even before Doraemon there. Dorayaki made of symmetric (2 pieces) patty made from mastella, and filled with red bean paste ... yum ...
Dorayaki in some areas such as Nara called Mikasa [三 笠] that could be interpreted as "three straw hat" or another name for Mount Wasakusa. Because people who enjoy the mountain scenery while they will usually eat this bread, the bread is called bread Mikasa, gan
In Indonesia, dorayaki usually replaced it with chocolate or cheese, chocolate, though not a little pastry shop filled with nuts + chocolate.

27. Is Uncle Kaminari have a wife?
Create agan2 who do not know, Uncle Kaminari is a character in Doraemon, a OM2 who have a home field deket commonly used kawan2 Nobita and his playing baseball. Being one of the humor in the series is that they often break the glass house Kaminari while playing baseball, and certainly Nobita who was ordered by Giant and Suneo to take his ball and apologize ... just so Nobita and be scolded by the Kaminari kejar2 .

28. Are doraemon fellow robots have?
Wangdora (robot dora silat2 kerjaannya-in china), Doramed (dora dress arabic.jadi giant robot when angry)
dorarinyo (forgetful-like soccer from brazil), doranicov (bisu.jadi wolf if you see a round object), dorathekid (pd dora future robot cowboy), El matadora (robot Dora in Spanish) and Dorami.
That's the name of the friends Doraemon Doraemon series spin-off, ie The Doraemons (which has been published in Indonesia).
And ... Doraemon itself is also quite often visited by his friends from the future in the anime series. Examples are Toraemon, Pawaemon, and Gatchako. The former boyfriend also a robot cat Doraemon, Noramyako name.

29. If your partner is Sizuka Nobita. Who couples to Suneo and Gian?
Sorry, to question this one I do not know, because it has never been told in serial / comic itself. Can anyone help?

30. Why does fate can be changed .. Nobita Nobita's supposed to marry jaiko tp why should the shizuka? If marry Nobita shizuka why sewashi have memories klo marry Nobita jaiko?
Why Nobita destiny can be changed? Of course since the intervention of Doraemon and his magic bag ... but was it solely so?
Although quite vague, but in a new version of Doraemon episodes (series of 2005), it was shown that the real Shizuka also "has a romantic feeling towards Nobita" even without the intervention Doraemon equipment. Unfortunately, Nobita son lazy and lacking PD, so that the flow of time without Doraemon, Nobita not have the courage to approach Shizuka. He also became a failure all his life, and was always dogged by misfortune. He married Jaiko, career and job worse (bankrupt), until he fled his family and ended up with pathetic ...
Well, then here's where we get the answer "if Nobita married denganshizuka why sewashi have memories klo jaiko Nobita married to?" Like a story with elements of "time travel" (example: Final Fantasy 8 and Haruhi) others, of the world itself occurred Doraemon "time anomaly" of unknown bases. Sewashi himself has emphasized, that the metaphor of time and destiny have something like this:
Think of destiny as a stopping place. Although we went there by bus, or car, or other vehicle ... but we can still get there just fine.
In essence, Sewashi stressed that the point of singularity flow time, Nobita Jaiko marry and have children, but his diundung poor and wretched. Children Nobita married, having offspring ... on and on until the Sewashi. In Sewashi era. technology has become more sophisticated until there is a time machine and people can check out what happened in the past. Sewashi which found that the ancestors Nobita experienced poor living history, felt sorry and sends Doraemon Nobita to time. Well, Doraemon Nobita cause life changes, which can mengelaurkan potensi2 hidden and managed to marry Shizuka. They prosper and have children (Nobisuke) who is also married, has a descent ... on and on ... and ultimately produce Sewashi anyway
The sequence is like this:
Nobita (without Doraemon) -> Married Jaiko -> Any kids -> Got a tweet -> was born Sewashi -> Doraemon created, Sewashi buy -> Sewashi check the history of grandfather-great-grandfather (Nobita) -> Seashi a pity, sends Doraemon -> Nobita (with Doraemon) -> Life Nobita much improved -> Married Shizuka -> Any kids -> Got a tweet -> Sewashi was born (which was the same result, that explains why it did not disappear despite Sewashi Nobita destiny changed and he even married Shizuka instead Jaiko)
How? Confused? It ... excess is a weakness story has the element of time displacement. Loop that is indeed interesting to be listened, but due to unknown singularity keberapakah starting point of all these changes, the story is so confusing
So my explanation, sorry if it is not satisfactory

31. Why should Nobita till class 5 and still exists till class 5?
For additional course, Nobita actually the 4th grade ... but in Indonesia it is a version of the 5 th grade.
To date, there is no clear answer to the question agan this one. However, I can only give the notion that that's the desire Fujiko Fujio. Fujiko Fujio ever said that they wanted to create a story that is instructive for all ages, including children. Nobita and his friends constantly 5 th grade that Doraemon series can continue to be watched by all people, including children. If Nobita and his friends growing up, and the feeling of "semi-romantic" love nyomet aka Shizuka Nobita to turn into a real romance, not later Doraemon stories worth watching for anak2 dong?

32. There is further information about Fujiko Fujio lbih? Is he still alive today?
Only one of them is dead. Yes, many do not know that Fujiko Fujio were 2 people (Fujiko F. Fujio and Fujiko A. Fujio). The duo broke up in 1987. Then, Fujiko F. Fujio died on 23 September 1996 due to the disease in his liver Fujiko A. Fujio himself according to the news, have died so far.
However, because since the outbreak of the duo since 1987, Fujiko F. Fujio continue this work alone under his pen-name ... so he gets full rights and royalties on Doraemon.
Voiced Doraemon character in Indonesia is Nurhasanah, then was replaced (but I forget the name of his successor), and then became Nurhasanah anymore since the advent Movie Doraemon: Nobita and the Dinosaur Adventure (remake)

33. Why Doraemon is often mistaken for ferrets?
Well, one more question that it's hard to find the answer, because there is never a reason absolutely clear. Maybe this sort of one (joke) just from Fujiko F. Fujio. Weasels and stoats in Japanese culture is a tricky animal and has a lot of sense, Doraemon image may correspond to the "magic" with all these perlatannya. And Doraemon around matanay colored black if it is kind of like a weasel than a cat ...

34. Who is the girlfriend's name is cat Doraemon genuine?
His name is Mii-chan
35. Regarding the fact Doraemon Ending
It must have been many who know that the answer must clearly: Doraemon series has yet to have an official ending
Serial main Doraemon (manga format) itself as we know it, came only up to volume 45. The last chapter of the volume did not show any signs that it is ending, and the Doraemon manga volume 45 was halted until there is no continuity.
The main cause is the Fujiko Fujio duoa outbreak in 1987 and the death of Fujiko F Fujio in 1996 in the absence of clarity and agreement of Fujiko F Fujio himself with publishers at the time, so the manga Doraemon itself can not be said to have the ending, even today.
However, Doraemon himself had "had" ending in the middle, which in March 1972 in the magazine Shogaku-4-nensei, where Doraemon stated that he had to go back to the future (age 22) gara2 no problems with the engine and Nobita should to let go. Nobita was initially unwilling, but once convinced by Doraemon, he finally elated. Doraemon Nobita promised to go after waiting and trying for herself for no Doraemon, Doraemon finally returned.
"Ending" The chance would be the ending of the anime series as well, because, beyond our knowledge, it turns out the anime Doraemon initially not very salable. However, if the will of God is going on, who could have thought? Apparently, Doraemon manga has its own place in the hearts of fans and the demand to continue in the magazine series Doraemon increasing. Finally, in future, Doraemon manga series on "restart" repeated, although the ending mentioned above are not reprinted. In the anime it was, in 1981, the arrival of Doraemon's return is a special episode of "Doraemon Comes Back" and in 1998, the episode was released as a TV Movie.
Then, what about the fate of Doraemon manga? Yes it was, because a lot of requests from fans, the manga will be continued. In March 1973, an "arc" added on "ending" at the top so it looks like:
Nobita back dijahili Giant and he, as usual, came home and complained to Doraemon. Without it thought, Doraemon independent and instead advised him to declare that he should go back to the future (age 22) gara2 no problems with the engine and Nobita have to let go. Nobita was initially unwilling, but once convinced by Doraemon plus discuss this with parents Nobita, he finally elated. Nobita and Doraemon a walk to the park to "commemorate their friendship." Nobita promised himself not to bother Doraemon, and this statement makes Doraemon Nobita was touched and said that he was going the other way for a moment to relieve compassion. In the middle of the road, which alone met Nobita Giant and fighting. Nobita, who had decided not to make Doraemon worry so they can go home in peace, against Giant with all his strength until the bitter end. Despite battered, Nobita not give up and continue to push Giant. Giant, because of frustration mixed with fear and pity Nobita being so, finally admitted defeat. Doraemon Nobita eventually found in the field, had a fight with Giant tepar gara2. Nobita, Doraemon was carried with a bruised face that smiles touched because Nobita courage. Nobita said "Look Doraemon, I won it. I can, though do not count on your help. Now you bisapulang in peace." Doraemon just smiled, and she lay on her futon Nobita and enveloped him. Doraemon Nobita accompany the sleeping all night with a touched and relieved. The next morning, Doraemon is back to the future.
But in the next chapter, apparently without Doraemon, Nobita's life is not easy. He constantly taken into bullying by Giant and Suneo. Although Nobita is promised is no longer a hassle Doraemon, he lama2 stress too. The climax is that on April Fool's, Giant and Suneo the cruel lie that they saw Doraemon Nobita's back from the future. Nobita was very dear to Doraemon, just burst into his house, only to find that Giant and Suneo had lied to him. Nobita upset and started to cry, but suddenly he finds Doraemon-shaped box. Inside was a piece of paper that reads "In a tight spot, use it. Herb is named USO800, and whatever you say will be a lie."
Nobita, with the full spirit of vengeance (eng ing eng) USO800 drink and managed to work on Giant and Suneo by saying that sunny day (to rain), and so on ... essentially all sayings Nobita would be really LIE. Giant and he managed Suneo scare. Nobita, suddenly lost the desire to work on. She feels empty without Doraemon. At home, he asked his mother whether Doraemon Nobita returned to the era, and of course her mother replied, "Not yet." Nobita, Doraemon are aware that most likely will never go back to the 20th century, started crying and upset, and said, "Doraemon will never return ..." and ...
Thanks USO800 effect, of course, it's also a lie! Tahu2 Doraemon came back from a desk drawer Nobita ... and after realizing that Nobita was drinking USO800, they both hugged each other and said "I'm very unhappy! Ultimately we can not be together again forever!"
Second chapter on "Ending in the midst" was published in tankoubon volume Doraemon 7. Please agan2 back again ubek2 old collection Doraemon
Well ... then what about after that? Yes ... Doraemon series apparently experiencing a surge of fans from both manga and anime, produced hundreds of manga chapters and anime episodes as we know it today. However, the main manga Doraemon is "stopped" at 45 because alasan2 already mentioned above. While the anime continues until now, the latest is the fourth season that starts from May 1, 2009 on TV Asahi, until now. Season is scheduled to be aired on Nickelodeon of South East Asia to Southeast Asia starting negara2 in July 2010 ... so chances are the newest anime series Doraemon, like The Last Airbender and SpongeBob could be going in Indonesia and we can enjoy together via Nickelodeon ya ... requested prayer aja ya agan2 all
And as we know, Doraemon continue to "spawn" movie every year, which in its manga version known as "Doraemon Adventure"

36. Regarding the "Ending" Doraemon is Doujinshi
Then how about a chapter known as the creator of the Nobita Doraemon? Yes, it must be admitted that the chapter was indeed very impressive and "make sense" in terms of story. I myself was one of the fans of the "ending" is ... but I need to re-emphasize here that Doraemon is not, or has not had an official ending.
Yes, the ending was a doujinshi, made the work of others who are not the original creator of Doraemon (remember this doujinshi published in 2005 when Fujiko F Fujio himself had died long before in 1996). Endiing this one screenplay written by Nobuo Sato and manga format created by Tajima T Yasue in 2005. Unexpectedly, the ending is so popular you know gan, not even just in Japan alone, sampai2 Shogakukan itself as the official holder of the Doraemon manga publishing, kudu himself intervened to stop for this one doujin printed and seized all of the coffee. Tajima T Yasue himself formally apologized to Shogakukan in 2007 after paying a sum of money "compensation." Actually ane rada same sympathy gan si Tajima's ... He's really only one who also wants doujinka Doraemon and Nobita friendship be eternal even in the future, but ya never mind ...
Well, besides "ending jadi2an" page, there are still many fans of Doraemon doujinshi made more trying to "finish Doraemon". Some of them are quite well known:
1) Nobita is a boy who apparently suffered from acute autism, and all the "adventures" he's the Doraemon and his friends is just a dream and his dreams alone. Because of the severity of this ending, the reader who thinks this "real" demo directly outside the office of the publisher know Luckily they finally understand and know that it is just a doujinsh i
2) What is going rada sad Because ketulungan not reckless, Nobita's head hit a rock and he suffered injuries to his coma and into the sub-vegetative conditions to find the operating costs for Nobita, Doraemon sold all the tools from his bag 4th Dimension. Unfortunately, the operation fails and Doraemon TSB apparently still leaves one tool that he has not sold, a kind of time machine that can take Nobita to any era and time Nobita wanted. In the end, the most wanted Nobita visit is Heaven
So some "alternative endings" made the fans more ... The number of these imitation ending shows just how much the world loves Doraemon hope to post this one, made all of us to understand that Doraemon had not yet had an official ending, but the ending or no ending, we would still love serial robot cat on this one.

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